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Golden Management HOA Development Build-Out Program

We offer strategic services for Developers and/or Builders throughout the initial planning, reviewing,
entitlement and construction phases of each community.

This benefits all parties to the Community: the municipality, the Developer, the home or commercial construction company and their marketing teams as well as the end-user, or homeowner. Better planning means better communities.

As Developers and Builders, ourselves, we understand the processes well. Read Larry Gilliland’s biography.

Planning and Entitlement Stage

Our strategic services are designed to add value to everyone involved in the entitlement process:
1. Initial design consultation and review
2. Attend planning/rezoning/entitlement meetings as needed to aid in approval processes
3. Create Build-Out Budget for Development Proforma
4. Covenant creation per development design and standards
5. Amenity design consultation
6. Architectual design consultation
7. Engineering oversight and consultation as needed

Young Designer
Construction Workers

Community Construction and Vertical Build-out


1. HOA Charter set up
2. Covenants, Architectual Review and Administrative Documents prepared and recorded
3. Regular meetings, as needed with the construction and marketing team to orient, educate, and
provide sales support for the community marketing teams
4. Flexible fee schedules for builder and homeowners until HOA is stabilized: reduced, suspended,
or delayed billing options
5. Amenity area construction or oversight as needed
6. Build-out budgeting and oversight as needed
7. FAST responses to sales team or homeowner requests
8. Lender or closing transfer documents processed

Post Construction and Completion


1. Work through Declarant transition
2. Board member recruitment and training

3. Amenity and common areas stabilized with punch list completed and maintenance scheduled
4. Homeowner accounts are set up in software portal. System education for the homeowners
5. Accounting and administration: billing and collections set up
6. Homeowner HOA education to include Declarations of Covenants and Architectural Review
7. Community Newsletters and E-blasts
8. General Maintenance and Landscaping accounts negotiated and set up
9. Commercial hardscape services as needed
10. Financial review and reporting
11. Schedule Annual meetings. Record and distribute minutes
12. Community website per plan
13. Value add services as needed
14. Preferred Vendor services per plan
15. Periodic community inspections and communication
16. Community enforcement for violations
17. Communicate with legal team
18. Community reserve studies and review
19. Lender or closing transfer documents processed
20. Covenant and Architectural Standards review, and amendments as needed

Residential Buildings

Primary Areas of Operation

Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Lavergne, Shelbyville, Brentwood, Mt Juliet, Lebanon, Franklin, Manchester,
Spring Hill, Nashville, Hendersonville, Tullahoma, Franklin, Columbia


Types of Communities Served

Single Family



Town Home or PUD Communities

Active Adult Communities

Horizontal Property Regime or HPR’s

Master Planned Communities

Mixed-use developments

HOA Value Add Services:

HOA Community Maintenance

Maintain the community quality to maintain quality of the community. We are committed to timely response and completion of maintenance items and requests.

Maintenance requests can be scheduled by staff through routine inspections or by homeowners via phone or through the resident portal.

Homeowners, or board members, may receive real-time updates, reports and/or photographs of the requested items and management logs of the work performed.

Completed detailed logs may be available to the Board for meetings, per Board request.

HOA Covenant Violations and Enforcement

Better covenants, better communication, better management means better communities.

Our goal is to keep violation and enforcement actions directed to our management team so that the Board members can live in peace within their community. Strong relationships also make strong communities.

HOA covenant violations actions may be presented by the management team through periodic inspections or through the resident portal:

1. Homeowner may present violation via phone of online in the portal
2. Management team through inspections will also enter violations into the portal
3. Detailed communication logs will be kept by the management team
4. Follow up communications and logs will be available to the Board at Board’s request
5. Legal assistance or enforcement will be managed by the management team as needed

HOA Billing and Assessments

We understand that billing and receiving assessments on time if vital to the health of the community.

Our software provider makes online payments through Automated Clearing House (ACH) or credit and debit cards easily. Payments may be scheduled by their due date, or any other date selected by the homeowner. We also take checks and/or cash payments by mail or in person at our office.

The Golden team will manage payments and collection efforts as the Board directs, including communications and liens or foreclosures.

We take accounting and collections seriously. If you would like to benefit from it please contact us today.

HOA Board Member Services

Good neighbors make good Board members. Good Board members make good neighbors.

A key component of the Golden Management team is recruiting, training, and retaining good HOA Board members.

Our 3 primary Board member services are:

  1. Help the community identify and to attract board members

  2. Board training

    • What is an HOA? Legal formation, classification, and cooperation

    • Board member roles and duties

    • Management company duties

    • Accounting reports: what are they and how do you read them?

    • Board responsibilities and/or liabilities

    • Community updates

  3. Balance: how to serve the community without sacrificing your peace and well-being

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